About Team Tirindrish

Team Tirindrish are a collective of travel writers living in and around the Highlands.

We’re big fans of Scotland here at Tirindrish Steading, most of us were brought up here and those of us who weren’t studied here at University and fell in love with both the people and the country.

Hailing from all sorts of different backgrounds, we’ve spent the majority of our lives being taken on days outs and camping holidays all around the country. Back in our youth, destination options were a little limited, but today, thousands of pounds have been pumped into the infrastructure, making Scotland the perfect place to visit for people of all ages.

Our writers will introduce themselves to you here and tell you their fondest memory of their time spent in Scotland:

Eric Janeway

Eric spent much of his childhood hiking around the Cairngorm with this Mum and Dad, unlike many of his childhood friends, his rural upbringing didn’t lead to a life of drug abuse and wasted opportunities. No, Eric was inspired by the nature that he grew up around and studied hard, earning a scholarship to study Nature Conservation at Edinburgh University. With his education in the bag, he went straight into a job as a park keeper, in the Cairngorms: a dream job for a man whose heart had long ago been claimed by the countryside.

Thomas Pullhard

Thomas had spent the majority of his life living in urban spaces, before he made his first trip out to the Highlands at the age of 18. Having just passed his driving test, he took his Fiesta out onto the open road, away from his coastal home of Perth and drove to the towering hills of the Highlands to see what he’d heard so much about. That first drive, out from his crummy home town, to a true wilderness that he’d never seen before has stuck in his mind ever since as a moment when he truly gained his freedom and independence.

Karen Oaken

Karen had not even visited Scotland before she arrived in Glasgow to study at University. She had been scared, making the trip up from . Having been rejected from the Oxbridge Universities she’d had to fall back on her applications to other less prestigious institutions. The grim urban sprawl of Glasgow was a far cry from the delicate southern atmosphere of Cambridge and Oxford, but she had nothing to fear. She soon grew to love the city, but it was the countryside that she loved more than anything else.

Christoff Mendelstead

Christoff’s parents moved to Inverness when he was yet to be born. Polish Nationals, they were among the first of their people to make the move over from Krakow to Scotland and were greatly surprised by the welcome they received. Although Christoff was brought up by Polish parents, he couldn’t be anymore Scottish in terms of his nationality. Bullying was never an issue for him as, by the age of 6, he’d developed a completely authentic Scottish accent complete with local dialect. Those school days were amongst the best that he can remember as a young boy in rural Scotland.

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