5 Rainy Day Activities in the Area

DATE: October 6, 2017

AUTHOR: TeamTirindrish

Our Summers here in Scotland can be very pleasant…

…however, there are times when the rain can come down with very little care for the wishes of holiday makers.

If you happen to be caught out in the rain, then don’t despair! The good people of Scotland have spent decades thinking up of ways to wile away the hours when it’s raining. Whether it’s staying active by clinging to a wall of ice or taking it easy with a few pints, there are plenty of ways to spend a rainy afternoon in Scotland.

Ben Nevis Distillery

Have you wondered how Whisky is made? Well wonder no more! If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, then why not skip the obligatory trip up Ben Nevis and visit one of the oldest Whisky distilleries in the world. At the Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery, you’ll not only be able to find out about Whisky, you’ll also be able to drink it. For just a small fee, you’ll gain access to the 19th Century warehouse, where thousands of litres of the brown stuff is made every year. A guided tour will take you through the process of how it’s made and you’ll be able to try a selection of different drinks at the end.

Inverness Ice Centre

It might seem counterproductive to escape the cold weather of the outside environment for another similarly cold one, but there’s method in the madness. When you go ice skating at the Inverness Ice Centre, you’ll have to go inside, where you’ll find shelter from the outside elements. So, although you might well be a little chilly, at least you won’t be wet – that’s as long as you don’t fall over! You can ice skate for as little as £2.50 per half an hour or £4.00 for an hour.

Pub Lunch

The pub lunch is a Great British tradition, but it takes on a completely different vibe when you spend a rainy afternoon in a Scottish pub. Whether it’s a classy 3 Rosette place or a down and dirty Wetherspoons, you’ll be in for a treat when you go and visit a Scottish food. Grab a pint of ale (or whisky if you fancy a stiff one) and order yourself a pie to go with it. The ideal pub will preferably have it’s own fire that you can settle yourself in front of, or a nice big window where you can gaze wistfully out the window.

The Clansman Centre

Sometimes the answer to a long rainy day is a long day at a museum. Luckily, the Highlands is home to one particularly detailed one. The Clansman Centre is nestled in the old confines of a 19th Century schoolhouse, but the history contained within dates a lot further back. At the Centre you’ll find a Scottish armoury, as well as a recreation of a Highland turf house where an authentically dressed actor will explain to you what it was like living back in the past.

Ice Factor

There are climbing walls and then there are ice-climbing walls. If you’ve always fancied scaling a sheer wall of ice, like the one in Game of Thrones, or maybe fantasised about driving a cold hard pick into a solid wall of ice then dream no longer – Ice Factor is the National Ice Climbing Centre and one of the few places in Europe where you can learn how to ice climb in a safe environment. Instructors are on hand to guide you through the experience so, when you’re ready, you can attempt a climb by yourself!

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