4 Unique Hotels and Drinking Holes

DATE: November 2, 2017

AUTHOR: TeamTirindrish

Sink a pint and spend the night in one of these traditional pub/hotels…

Thousands of tourists visit this part of Scotland every year to simply put their feet up and be waited on.

For their benefit, there are dozens of castles turned luxury hotels that tailor to their needs. These once dormant mansions have been thoroughly modernised and now play host to the wealthy businessmen of the world, who seek nothing more than a king-sized goose down bed, a short walk away from a fishing river with a stable wi-fi connection.

Not all of us have the capital to afford these 5-star luxury resorts though and not all of us really want to spend a week shuffling our way through ankle-deep carpet. As many up market establishments that the country has to offer, there are just as many, if not more, quaint hotels offering a much more affordable experience that will be free of high society and comfortably down-to-earth.

These 5 comfy drinking holes, dotted around Scotland, also have the benefit of having rooms for you to pass out in, when either the nearby hiking, or excellent beers and whiskies, have exhausted you completely:

Moulin Inn, Pitlochry

Not many pubs can boast for being open as long as the Moulin has. The sign painted above the door proudly states that the establishment has been open since 1695 – staggering tenure in excess 420 years. For a pub that’s been open so long, it’s surprising how peaceful a place like this is to drink at. Grab a pint of locally brewed ale (the pub’s own brewery began producing ale since 1995) and sit down with a plate of award-winning pub grub. Pitlochry is conveniently positioned on the very edge of the Cairngorms, making the pub a great base camp for hikers. Rooms start at as cheap as £24pp for a couple sharing a standard room in Winter.

Jura Hotel, Isle of Jura

Jura Island is one of the most secluded islands in Scotland. It’s minuscule permanent population of just 200 people, however, means that the only pub on the island, attached to the Jura Hotel, is one of the liveliest places to drink in the country. From 10pm onwards, it’s impossible to sit down as, what feels like the entire population of the country flood into the cosy room to sip down good pints of dark ale and locally sourced whisky. Should you not manage to book a bed for the night, then you can always camp in the Hotel’s garden, a kind offer, considering how in demand these rooms often are.

Invergarry Hotel, Invergarry

Dating back from the late 19th Century, the Invegerry is a great example of Scottish hospitality done right. It’s location, smack bang in the middle of the North West Highlands, make it a perfect place for those looking to explore the gorgeous surrounding area and relax in peace. The hotel recently received a tasteful refurbishment, updating the over-century old rooms and giving the attached bathrooms a much needed face-lift. The brasserie food served in it’s restaurant is said to give Michelin Star places a run for their money, but it’s the relaxed bar, stocked with the best local whiskeys, that makes it worth the trip.

The Cross Keys, Kippen

One of the most popular establishments in the small village of Kippen; The Cross Keys has been open for over 300 years. Whilst Kippen is hardly much of a place to get lost in, spending an evening in the the pub can often make one feel as if they’ve travelled back in time. The stripped back decor and original features of this place make it a truly unique pub to drink in and for as little as £70 per room, you can even spend the night in this centuries old establishment. Just a short drive from Loch Lomond, The Cross Keys might not be as centrally placed as the other places on this list but it still makes for a great stop off on your way to the Highlands proper.

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